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What's our vision?

Here's what we believe in and what we aim to do with SpecificFeeds:

  • We believe that we’re all incredibly lucky to be born in today’s information age That's because almost all the information we want - be it for our business, personal development or private entertainment - is only one click away. Former generations (actually all former generations) did not have this luxury and had to work far harder to get relevant information to stay up to date.
  • However, we're facing the challenge that there is too much of a good thing Millions of websites and services offer proactive information push (which we refer to as "feeds" - be it email newsletters, RSS, Twitter or other forms of feeds) and the subsequent 'noise' can be unbearable - which means it's tougher to find the news we're really interested in.
  • We believe that a core reason for this 'noise' is that today's feeds and information channels are too broad Most feeds carry a lot of information. This is good in the sense that it maximizes chances that there's something for everyone. But it comes at a price: the individual has to dig through a lot of mud to find the gold nuggets that specifically interest them.
  • SpecificFeeds aims to counter this broadness of information flow, this noise, with more specific, precise and "cleaner" information streams, resulting in more relevant news for everyone And this is more advantageous for publishers as well; they are rewarded with increased number of subscribers and therefore get out their message across to more people - their ultimate goal.

Please also visit the SpecificFeeds blog to learn more about the philosophy behind the service (e.g., read The Problem with RSS, and How to Fix It).

If you have any questions please contact us via our contact form.

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