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We’re the better Feedburner

Feedburner hasn’t been updated in 10 years and it’s a matter of time until Google abandons it (like it did with Google Reader). It already shut down in Japan when Google forgot to renew the domain name in July 2012 (!), which caused massive subscriber loss.

Also, see what happens if you click on “contact us” in Feedburner – it hasn’t worked in 3 years. Google even officially stated that it doesn’t provide Feedburner support any longer.

So why not avoid these risks and switch to SpecificFeeds now? It’s better than Feedburner anyway:

You’ll get more subscribers

The secret to getting more subscribers is: give them what they want.

The challenge is that people want different things – there is not one solution for all. That’s why SpecificFeeds allows your readers to subscribe to your feed in the way they want:

Content of their choice

Content of their choice

Your prospective subscribers can choose which messages they want to receive.

For example, they can choose to only receive messages with specific tags, authors, or keywords. Have a look at a sample filter.

Brevity of their choice

Subscribers can decide if they want to receive only the headlines or the snippets/entire stories (if you decided to have your RSS feed contain this information).

This helps them to not get overloaded with information
- making it more likely that they keep reading your content.

Brevity of their choice
Delivery channel of their choice

Delivery channel of their choice

With SpecificFeeds your subscribers can choose how they want to receive messages.

For example, they can choose to receive messages by email (either as single emails or in their Newspaper, a daily digest), by RSS, or on their personal news site (see an example).

Unsubscription when they want

Readers can always unsubscribe easily with just one

At first this may sound as a disadvantage for you, but it’s the opposite. By knowing there is no risk of future spam, they subscribe more likely in the first place.

Unsubscription when they want

If you were a visitor of your own site, would those features make it more likely that you subscribe?

Your messages will actually get read
Email is King

Email is KingEmail is King

SpecificFeeds is designed to encourage email subscriptions. That’s because email is just so much more effective at connecting with your audience.

People can still subscribe by RSS, however the drawback with RSS feeds is that they get read «at a glance» only, i.e. whenever the user feels like it. And this means: most of your RSS messages never get read.

The Email inbox, however, is not just a channel for general news. It may also contain very important personal messages – and therefore gets screened with much more diligence.

For you as a publisher this means: do everything possible to convince people to subscribe by email. SpecificFeeds helps you with that as it’s designed to encourage email subscriptions.

You’ll get interesting insights into your subscribers
Subscribers & Views

Download subscribers’ emails

If you’re logged in you can easily download your subscribers’ emails (who subscribed via your website) with a few clicks.

For that login, go to «My Offered Feeds» and click on «Add & View Subscribers».

See how many users (un-)subscribed

For any time frame you like, see how many people subscribed and unsubscribed.

Also, you’ll see how many visitors of your feed page converted to actual subscribers. This tells you how to optimize your feed page so that more people sign up.

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Above statistics are free. Premium users get access to many more statistics – check them out.

It’s FREE (basic plan)
Spend your cash on other stuff

All features mentioned above are FREE, no matter how many subscriebrs you have and how many emails you send.

You can also benefit from several (optional) premium features, for example:

  • Automatically share your messages on your social media accounts
  • Get notifications if someone subscribes, unsubscribes etc.
  • Get your feed updated more often & messages sent out faster
  • Get access to advanced statistics

...and many more...


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Your Personal Newspaper (PN) is an email containing all the messages from the feeds where you have selected PN as delivery option. You can set the delivery frequency and time of your PN in your Settings.