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  • # Feeds
    Number of feeds you can offer from your account.
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  • Up to 20
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  • Delivery via all channels
    Publish a new post and have your subscribers updated automatically by email, mobile, news page or RSS. See an example
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    Allow your subscribers to only receive messages with certain by tags, keywords, or from selected authors. See an example
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    View & download your subscriber’s emails who came via your site.
  • (Subscribers & former subscribers)
  • (Subscribers & former subscribers)
  • (Active subscribers)
  • Importing subscribers
    Add subscribers to your feed on SpecificFeeds with a few clicks.
  • Different languages
    Select the language of the subscription page and confirmation emails.
  • Access to statistics
    See via which channels your messages get delivered, how often people click on them, which the most popular stories are, what filter selections your subscribers selected etc.
  • (Unlimited historical data)
  • (1 year historical data)
  • (Un-)subscriptions only,
    1 month historical data
  • Feed(s) listed in SF directory
    Get a higher visibility and more subscribers for your feed by having it listed in the SpecificFeeds directory.
  • Alerts
    Get notified by email if users subscribe or unsubscribe (you can define how many users need to (un)subscribe so that you get alerted).
  • Social media syndication
    Automatically share your posts on your Twitter & Facebook accounts after youpublish a new story on your site.
  • Define subscription options
    Set the default subscription values for your subscribers and/or limit the subscription channels.
  • You’re stated as sender
    Define who will be stated as sender in the From:-field in the emails your subscribers receive.
  • Tailoring of subject line
    Choose the subject line of your emails to increase open rates.
  • Pictures in directory
    Show your stories’ pictures in the directory to get even more clicks & subscribers.
  • Broken-Feed-Fix
    We monitor your RSS feed (from where we take your stories) and fix it or alert you that you need to take action.
  • Access to unsubscription reasons
    See what people stated why they unsubscribed to adjust your content or posting strategy.
  • White labelling
    Remove the SpecificFeeds logo & bottom section in the emails inviting users to follow more feeds or read suggested articles, and add your own logo!
  • Define redirects
    Define to which page a subscriber should be redirected after successful sign-up.
  • Approve stories
    Get asked to confirm stories to ensure only correct stories get sent.
  • Google Analytics tracking
    Track your email's clicks in Google Analytics.
  • Subscriber support
    We fix issues your subscribers may have (confirm their subscription, check why they didn’t receive certain messages etc.).
  • Updating cycle
    More frequent updates means your subsribers and social media followers receive your content quicker.
  • Instantly (requires plugin installation or updated every 5-15 minutes)
  • Every 30 minutes
  • Every 6 hours
  • # Saved messages
    Make us save more of your messages in the message history, thereby allowing better filter simulations.
  • Last 5,000
  • Last 1,000
  • Last 50
  • Support (publisher)
    Get faster responses to your support requests.
  • Asap
  • < 12 hours
  • < 72 hours
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