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Full moon this month - reminder

Have you ever wondered.... when is full moon this month?

This feed sends you a short reminder only once a month, 2 days before with the date for full moon.

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Some background information on full moon 

They say that the moon has mystical and magical powers while even the most hopeless romantic sometimes turn to the moon for encouragement. Undoubtedly, the moon has a powerful, majestic presence that although seemingly unfathomable, give people a glimmer of hope as it continues to illuminate the night sky.

For many people, full moon is one of the best times to indulge in romantic rituals, casting spells of ‘white magic’ to find true love, regain lost love, or deal with many other issues of the heart. For them, knowing the precise full moon dates is most important. Then again, the moon has a powerful effect on the tides that hit the shoreline on earth and is said to affect the mental state of humans and even animals, especially during a full moon phase.

Each phase of the moon has its characteristics of energy and magic. They are supposed to influence the thoughts of our sub-conscious mind, which tend to be more intense during full moon. The full moon phase is said to represent fertility, transformation, and completion, which is why many people use this as a time for healing or to enhance their psychic abilities. Many believe that this is a time when the best results can be achieved, be it good fortune, a romantic healing, improved financial situation, and much more. It is prudent to understand how you can connect with each phase and how they can affect you.

To understand the phases of the moon you will want to know exactly when each phase begins and ends. Online you will find a variety of charts with full moon dates for each year, depending on your time zone. Many websites also feature countdown clocks that tick through to the next full moon. So there is no way you can miss your next date with the full moon. To begin with, it is easy to determine the date of the new moon phase. Each lunar cycle begins and ends with a new moon, which is of 29.53 days duration. The full moon appears on the 14.765 day of the cycle and the next new moon will be 15 days henceforth.

The full moon has great significance in many religions as well. The ecclesiastical full moon is used to determine which date Easter falls on. Rituals performed by many religions are also based on the full moon cycle while astrological predictions are often made according to the phase of the moon.

Then again, you can blame it on the moon when you fall in love or blame it on a blue moon when you fall out of love. Speaking of a blue moon, the second full moon in the month is often known as a blue moon. If you’ve heard the term, ‘once in a blue moon’, it is because in some years there are no full moons in February. No matter what, the moon will always be an inspiration for some, play a significant role in various religions and cults, and for many of us, remain just as mystical and magical as ever.

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