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  • Work Less: Get More Done

    Jul 22, 2014


    We’ve discussed in a previous article how a 4-day workweek could result in increased productivity and healthier, happier workers suffering less from the effects of stress.

    Many salaried workers would jump for joy at the idea of a 3-day weekend, but what about freelancers and contractors, who work irregular schedules? And what about those people who are really passionate about their jobs? Not everyone works only for the weekend.

  • How Developing a Daily Meditation Practice Could Help You Become More Productive

    Jun 12, 2014


    What does the word "meditation" conjure up for you? Buddhist monks praying in a temple on the side of some faraway mountain? Indian yogis tying themselves in knots? Hippies in designer yoga gear drinking green tea and eating tofu?

    Meditation has long been known for its use in spiritual practices, but the practice of meditation has many benefits and is certainly not just a hyped-up, new-age trend. Once the realm of spiritual gurus and ascetics, meditation is now becoming popular with entrepreneurs, academics, and anyone aiming to achieve their highest potential.

    Google employees have the opportunity to attend regular meditation classes, and the number of meditation apps that are popping up on iTunes and the Google Play store is testament to how the popularity of this ancient practice has increased in recent years. So what's all the fuss about?

  • How to Achieve Flow – The Secret Sauce of Productivity

    May 28, 2014


    Most of us will be able to remember at least a couple of occasions when we were so absorbed in what we were doing that hours passed, and when we finally looked up from our keyboards (or books or musical instruments or whatever), we realised that it’s dark outside and we forgot to eat dinner.

  • A Simple Productivity Secret: How to Form Good Habits

    Mar 14, 2014


    Everyone knows how difficult it can be to break bad habits. Quitting smoking, snacking and nail-biting are all notoriously difficult purely because they have become regular habits. Basically, your brain has become so used to performing these actions that you barely notice yourself putting a cigarette in your mouth or reaching for another handful of peanuts.

    Just as bad habits can be hard to break, so can good habits, if you make a conscious effort to form them. Good habits will help you to live a happier, more productive life with little effort after an initial investment.

  • Mozart or Metallica? How Music Affects Your Productivity

    Feb 11, 2014



    There seem to be two main categories of people when it comes to the topic of music and productivity: those who need silence to concentrate and those who need music or some kind of background noise in order to achieve maximum productivity.