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New RSS Filter Live on SpecificFeeds

Dec 31, 2013

We're continuing to improve SpecificFeeds: yesterday we've put a new filter live for RSS feeds. It's more intuitive and better designed.  

Users can now filter their favorite blogs and feeds (and make them more specific, i.e tailoring it to their needs) as you can see below (this is an example for Techcrunch's specific feed):

Techcrunch RSS Filter

Users can enter tags free-style, which will make a drop-down appear: 

RSS Filter Drop Down

Or choose from frequently used tags: 

RSS Filter Tags

I'm using this filter with the (for me) relevant tags "Search, Messaging, marketplace, mobile messaging, email, Marketing, RSS, Publishing, mailbox, content marketing, Feedly" and get exactly the messages I want from Techcrunch. I would never subscribe to their general, "broad" RSS feed. 

We've also enhanced the filter for keywords:  

RSS Filter Keywords

..and authors: 

RSS Filter authors

As before, subscribers can check how many messages they would have received with their filter in the past – to ensure their selections are right to not get overloaded with information: 

RSS Filter number of messages to expect

For more background on the rationale of the filter please also read The problem with RSS, and how to fix it


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