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New Landing Page & Video Live for Email Publishers

Jan 21, 2014

Good news: We now have a dedicated "landing page" live for publishers who use SpecificFeeds as an alternative to an email newsletter. It can be accessed at

Along with it we've created a new explanatory video, have a look:  

Both the landing page and the video provide the "reason why" to use SpecificFeeds rather than a classic email newsletter. 

The Story in a Nutshell

All publishers ultimately only want one thing: more readers (what were you thinking!?). 

SpecificFeeds helps them to achieve that. Firstly, the platform is designed to create awareness for the publisher's feed: 

More people discover your feed

However, awareness is not enough. People also need to be convinced to subscribe. That can only be done if subscribers know they will not be overloaded with information. If they subscribe on SpecificFeeds, they know that won't be the case: 

Convince people to subscribe

And finally, even though it's good to have subscribers, it doesn't mean that they will actually read the messages which get sent out. Therefore, we stick to email as communcation channel and use top-notch servers

More readers, not only subscribers

We're also working on a new landing page (and video!) for bloggers who can maximize their readership by syndicating their RSS feed on SpecificFeeds. Stay tuned!



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