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Hello World! – The SpecificFeeds.com blog

Nov 7, 2012

After launching SpecificFeeds.com we finally got to launch the blog as well, yippee!

The blog will accompany SpecificFeeds on its mission to reduce information overload and provide some “background theory” in addition to other useful tips & tricks on managing information & becoming more productive.

If you don’t know SpecicFeeds yet, then check it out! It’s a new messaging platform with the purpose to:

  • Send only relevant news to subscribers and to
  • Get more subscribers for publishers

So who are we?

We’re three former students who believe that today’s feeds (by that we mean any form of push communication such as email newsletters, RSS, Twitter-Feeds etc.) are too broad, i.e. they send too much information. By making them more specific (hence the name SpecificFeeds), i.e. sending messages only in clearly defined cases, we believe the value for subscribers increases tremendously because they can pick those feeds which specifically match their interests.

And this is good for publishers as well: as more people subscribe they get their message out to more people – which is ultimately their goal.

If you have any suggestions on SpecificFeeds.com in general, new feeds to get offered on the platform, or the blog, then we’re very happy to hear about them. Get in touch with us on our contact form or by using the Feedback-button in the bottom right corner below. Thank you!!


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