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  • 5 Steps to Proficient Social Media Management

    Apr 10, 2014

    5 Steps to Proficient Social Media Management

    This is a guest contribution from Kemya L. Scott, Marketing Strategist & Social Media Manager at Phisco Marketing

    Do you ever feel like social media is a vortex that sucks time from the atmosphere?

    Have you ever lost track of time using social media, looked up at the clock, and wondered where your day went?

    Or perhaps you're swamped running your business and there’s simply no time to use social media effectively?

    You are not alone. 

  • Overcome E-mail Overload with Inbox Zero

    Apr 1, 2014

    Inbox zero2

    There are many sources of digital information overload, but one that almost everybody does battle with on a daily basis is the e-mail inbox. No matter how often you check it, those unread messages just keep piling up, convincing you that you’re missing something vital and adding to your stress levels.

  • A Simple Productivity Secret: How to Form Good Habits

    Mar 14, 2014


    Everyone knows how difficult it can be to break bad habits. Quitting smoking, snacking and nail-biting are all notoriously difficult purely because they have become regular habits. Basically, your brain has become so used to performing these actions that you barely notice yourself putting a cigarette in your mouth or reaching for another handful of peanuts.

    Just as bad habits can be hard to break, so can good habits, if you make a conscious effort to form them. Good habits will help you to live a happier, more productive life with little effort after an initial investment.

  • How to Become a Social Media Superstar and Grow Your Blog Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

    Mar 6, 2014

    social media

    When it comes to traffic generation, bloggers generally tend to side with one of two camps:

    • The SEO bloggers, who optimize their blog content for search engines, tweak the structure of their site with SEO plugins and build links to their site wherever they can.
    • The social media bloggers who build their audience mainly by engaging with readers through sites like Facebook and Twitter, encouraging people to share their posts and creating content strategically in the hopes it goes viral.

    Of course the best overall strategy is to combine these two methods, but today we’re going to cover the basics of social media marketing.

  • Do Billable Hours Sap Productivity?

    Feb 27, 2014


    At a time when freelancing and contracting is becoming an accepted way of life for many knowledge workers, it is often difficult to know how to put a value on the work that they do. For decades billable hours have been a neat and convenient way to turn our time into a commodity that can be recorded and paid for, especially in sectors such as law and accountancy. But are billable hours the best way to fulfil our professional potential? Or do they actually sap productivity?