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Best Progressive Rock News

Where you can get reviews on new releases (and some old ones) on Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal. Also, Prog history will be talked about as in depth, so expect to see a few general history of Progressive Rock as well as of the specific sub-genres like Krautrock, Eclectic Prog, Avant-Garde, Jazz Fusion, and many more. I also want to give shout outs to independent Prog bands. Every now and then, I will report on a concert by a musician I manage to get out to see. Hope you enjoy.


New post at least once a week

Message history

  • Fates Warning- A Pleasant Shade of Grey review

    As always, I want to start off with my relation to the band in question today: Fates Warning. These guys are one of the more well known (in the Prog community, that is) Progressive Metal bands. They’ve been around the block more than a few times. Formed in 1982, they are one of the older Prog Metal bands, actually helping forming the backbone...

  • Riverside-Shrine of New Generation Slaves review

    I must admit that I have never listened to Riverside before this album. I only just saw their name on a list of albums released this year, so I decided to give them a listen. What I can say right now is that I am not really impressed by these guys.

    That isn’t to say that I think this album is bad or anything. No, but it has the misfortune of...

  • Cult of Luna: Vertikal review

    I must admit that my exploration of Post-Metal was a bit delayed. I never really knew it existed until about a year ago. Since then I have only really traversed Neurosis (whose newest album I still haven’t gotten a chance to listen to), Isis, Tool (if you want to call it them Post-Metal), Triptykon, and Sunn O)))/Boris (I know Sunn O))) is...

  • The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories): Review

     Everyone should have expected this one coming. I mean, this is a huge release for Prog, considering this is the guy behind Porcupine Tree and producer for Opeth (amongst several thousand other projects). He is one of the biggest names in the genre, revered by many, hated by a few (this is just based off the law of averages since I have never...

  • Children of Nova

    I play a lot of Rock Band. It is by far my most played game. The problem I often run into is that there aren't enough songs that I like, or ones that challenge me in the game. So, I tend to sift through the RBN songs. One day, when I was searching, I came across this little band called Children of Nova. 

    And by "little," I mean it. They were an...

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